T8 LED Tube Light Clear cover – LED Tube light

Model No:
T8 LED Tube Light Clear cover

T8 LED Tube Light Clear cover

T8 LED Tube Light Clear cover

600mm x Φ26mm
120SMD 3528
Warm White 3300K
Neutral White 4300K
Cool White 6000K
900mm x Φ26mm
150SMD 3528
1200mm x Φ26mm
234SMD 3528
1500mm x Φ26mm
300SMD 3528
1800mm x Φ26mm
390SMD 3528
600mm x Φ26mm
120SMD 3528
Aluminum heat sink, No UV or RF interference, Patented heat sink and optical diffuser , longer life than incandescent & fluorescent. No mercury, no ballast required, wide voltage and constant current design, solid state, high shock & vibration resistant, Mercury free, 70%+ savings in energy consumption, quiet, no noise, no flickering, Then products are in accordance with CE, FCC and RoHS testing standards, Retro fit kits available for direct replacement of fluorescent fixture.
o                 Pretty appearance as quality
o                 Long lifetime: 100000 hours
o                 70%-80% energy-saving
o                 Instant soft-start
o                 Producing minimum heat
o                 Tube material: PC + Alu. Alloy
o                 CE/RoHS/FCC approval
o                 Length: 60cm/90cm/120cm/150cm/180cm optional
o                 Input Valtage: AC85-265V/50-60HZ
o                 Lighting angle: 120 degree
o                 Environment temperature: -40-60
o                 Environment Humidity: >95%
o                 Colour rendering index: 74Ra
o                 Power Equation: ≥0.95
o                 Color temp.: 2800K-6000K
School, Bus, Office, Meeting room, Hotel, Metro etc.
LED Tube Light’s Features
o                 Long Life: 50,000 + hour lifespan exceeds even the highest quality fluorescents
o                 Extreme Efficiency: Over 80% more efficient than traditional fluorescents
o                 Flicker-Free Lighting: Eliminate eye strain and headaches associated with fluorescents lighting
o                 Shatter-Proof Design: Will not break even if dropped
o                 Double Energy Savings: LED tube require no ballast saving even more energy
o                 No Mercury Inside: Allows the use of lighting when mercury contamination is not an option
o                 Flexible Voltage: Use lighting in AC 85~265V or DC 12V Input Environments
o                 No Interference: Perfect for settings where precise instruments can be disturbed by fluorescent
o                 Instant Starting: Starts right away no matter the temperature or conditions
Ballast Free Installation For Even More Power Savings

The LED tube does not require the use of a ballast thus allowing you to save even more energy. As an added benefit there is no ballast to break or fail ensuring even longer life. No ballast also means that the LED tube can be used in T8, T10 or T12 fixtures for the ultimate in compatibility. Installation is simple but does require basic wiring knowledge. Simply disconnect or bypass the ballast during installation to install the LED tube. If you do not feel comfortable with this type of basic wiring, please call an electrician.

LED tubes for Display Lighting and Signage
Good light quality and low heat generation makes LED tube a great green alternative for display lighting. No longer worry about heat damage to your valuable merchandise displayed on your counter. You will also be surprised at the ideal display light cast by the quality light output of the LED tube Series.

LED tube is also an excellent candidate for signage back lighting. Since LED tube series feature high output, only a small quantity of LED tube need to be utilized on a even a large billboard or sign. LED tube allows you to instantly make your advertising and messaging energy efficient and Earth friendly.

Built to a Higher Standard.
Most LED on the market utilize inexpensive plastic tubing shoddily fitted over low quality plastic end caps. This leads to a product that feels quite flimsy. You can even notice this competitor using a plastic film to hide the electronics inside the . LED tube uses a solid aluminum heatsink backing, frosted tubing and solid endcaps. The LED tube series is completely flame retardant and built to CE and UL compliant standards.
The top side of the reveals the competition uses low quality plastic tubing creating a dismal & dirty looking light. LED tube uses a proprietary frosted tubing to better duplicate the look of traditional fluorescent s. We dare you to tell the difference between a LED tube and standard fluorescent once installed!

Things aren’t any better on the inside either, notice the LED circuit board that “floats” freely in the with no provisions for heat dissipation. The tubing itself is very flexible and bends easily. LED tube are rigid and do not flex. In short LED tube is built for demanding real world use. The competition? Who knows!

LED tubes allows the use of Light Outdoors
The LED Fixture is an IP65 rated outdoor fixture for LED tube 4 Foot (120cm) s. Made from durable and shatter resistant ABS plastic, the Tube Fixture allows you to install LED Fluorescent replacements in the harshest of outdoor environments. Best of all, since the Tube Fixture uses no ballast, installation is a breeze.

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