SMD 5050 Rigid strip light – LED Strip light

Model No:
SMD 5050 Rigid strip light

SMD 5050 Rigid strip light


 LED Rigid Strip Features
 3 LED can be cut with the mark
• Operating temperature: -40 to +80 degree Celsius
• Match the RGB controller and power supplier system
• Low power consumption
• Lower heating during operation
• Continuous length with the quickly connector
• Reel peaking and strong adhesive back
• Waterproof and Non-waterproof is available.
1.High efficiency and energy-saving compared to conventional
fluorescents-equally bright, consumes 70-80% less energy 
2.No RF Interference, No buzzing Noise
3.No fluorescent flickering
4.No hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment
5.No danger of broken glass
6.Easy installation
7.Low Power Consumption, high intensity
8.Solid-State,High shock/vibration resistant
LED Rigid Strip applications:
1. Architectural decorative lighting and backlighting for homes, hotels, marketplaces, Strips etc
2. Auditorium walkway lighting, indoor illuminated signs and advertisements
3. Illumination lighting using walkway, canopy, stairway accent lighting, amusement park
4. Car interior lights, Cove lighting, Jewelry and watch display case
5. Channel letter lighting using for stores, restaurants, Strips


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