E40 LED corn light 100W with UL – LED Corn Light

Model No:
E40 LED corn light 100W with UL
Park lighting,road lighting, garden lighting, office lighting,warehouse lighting,etc

100W LED corn light with UL

1. Unique design, safety and excellent heat dissipation performance;
2. Simple and practical assembly structure;
3. High efficiency and energy saving, saves electricity up to 80% and high
luminous output;
4. Unique isolated circuit design enhances safety, reliability and stability;
5. Easy installation. It can replace traditional lamps directly. Before
installation, it is necessary to disable the existing ballast / choke from
operations (applicable under AC 230V).
LED CORN LIGHT can be used as a replacement for CFL, mercury
and sodium lamps and widely applicable for commercial, industrial and
public lighting occasions, such as supermarkets, shopping malls,
factories, lobbies, airports, exhibition halls, streets and parking lots, etc.
Installation must be conducted by strictly following the instructions.
Otherwise, electric shock or dropping accident may occur.
This product is warrantied for 5 years from the date of sale. Defects and
damages caused by improper handling are not covered in this warranty.

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