10W Power LED – 5-300W LED Chip

Model No:

10W Power LED


Product Description 
 99.99% Gold wire, red copper chassis with silver plating, Famous brand chip, such as Bridgelux from USA, Epileds from TW, Epistar from TW and so on. 
    *        Longer Life Span
    *        Highest Flux
    *        Low voltage DC operated
    *        Wide Viewing Angle
    *        Available in white: 2500K to 25000
    *        Lamberatian Radiation Pattern
    *        More energy efficient than incandescent and most halogen lamp
    *        Cool beam, safe to touch
    *        No UV
    *        Instant light (less than 100ns)
    *        Fully dimmable
    *        Utilizing advanced InGaN chip technology. 
    *        Superior ESD protection
    *        Eutectic die bonding
    *        Rohs compliant
    *        Car Reading Lights
    *        CHMSL
    *        Top-Tail-Turn
    *        Traffic Lights
    *        Fluorescent Lamp
    *        Project Lamp
    *        Road Lamp

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